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Best College For Fashion Designing | Top Fashion Design Course in India

Best College For Fashion Designing

Best College For Fashion Designing

Design degrees from the fashion designing Institute at Passion Academy Best College For Fashion Designing give a broad scope of career opportunities for design graduates in their particular field of specialization as well as across various areas. The design programs permit the design graduate to develop Artistic and problem-solving skills required to answer consumer, business, and institutional requirements in the populace as well as the specific area.

Design graduates earn various experiences – logical thinking, a sharp eye for detail and project management – and these carry enormous interest in the eyes of latent employers. The programs of the Passion Academy have been built to create trained artists, expressionists and design organizers who are proficient of setting new aims, rising new businesses and are committed to raising people’s standards of living and yearn to make the world a more sustainable place to be. Best College For Fashion Designing

  • Admission Procedure
  • Bachelor of Design
  • Educational Qualifications: 10+2/ equivalent with a minimum of 50% in aggregate from any recognized board.
  • A qualification from any International board needs an equivalency certification.

Note: Learners appearing/ to appear in 10+2 examination are qualified to administer.

MA in Design

School Qualifications: 10+2+3 from any stream with min. 50% in aggregate from any recognized board/university.


Passion academy offers several scholarships and financial aid programs on merit-cum-means basis to students. These are open to students who have achieved merest performance measures in competing studies (or qualifying exams) or to students who are genuinely unable to meet their higher education fees. The admission board and financial aid committee evaluate each candidate on a case-by-case basis. Best College For Fashion Designing

Now the fashion industry has become so functional that it comprises a vast field of education in design, Fashion Design bachelors get work as:

  • Fashion and Accomplices Designers
  • Design Product Directors
  • Custom Merchandisers
  • Fashion Marketing Experts
  • Composers for magazines and news agencies
  • Optical Merchandisers
  • Contest Organizers
  • Dress Designers and Stylists for Film and TV production

Fashion changes with interval, Best College For Fashion Designing and it reflects the aesthetics of an era gone over. For centuries, women in the spotlight have made an impact on their current fashion choices, thereby urging millions across the earth. Fashion designing is one of the most common and most worthwhile segments of the creative industry. If you aim to become a designer, you ought to understand that designing is an art that requires you to stay ahead of discovery.

Fashion design is the skilfull art of working with materials, experimenting with styles, colors, cuts, and aims to create garments that reflect the time and demographics. If you believe that fashion designing is bound to clothes, it is not. It includes designing of assistants too.

What Does A Fashion Designer Do?

Did you know that to produce a line of clothing right from the designing stage to the production stage, it takes many months? A fashion designer is involved in every step of making the final clothing. Examining current trends and prognosticating the ones in the future is the best portion of it.

Some of the job duties of a fashion designer involve:

Analyze trend reports to understand what styles, fabric, and colors would be accessible for specific periods in the prospect.

Sketch designs individually.

Visit manufacturers or trade displays to get samples and match materials to suitable designs.

A designer employs various ways to create a significant design. That is the stage in which a designer converts his imagination into a design.

Passion Academy Designing Courses in India involve exposure to other forms of designing, Best College For Fashion Designing such as textile designing, jewelry designing, and footwear designing. These courses offer much needed industrial exposure, both theoretically and practically.

Textile Designing: This course includes the aspects of basic designing and structural designing. A lot of emphases to embroideries, print weave, and texture.

Jewelry Designing: This course covers the essentials of jewelry design. It also requires a lot of creativity. With India being a big market for jewelry and gems, designing jewels is likely to offer fruitful opportunities.

Footwear Design: Designing footwear is a complicated process. The course exposes the student to the complexities of designing shoes and other footwear. The demand for trends in footwear led to increasing demand for designers in the area.

There are different kinds of Fashion Designing Courses available in Passion Academy.

If you are someone who needs to study just the basics in fashion design, you can take short-term or diploma courses that are also accessible online. Best College For Fashion Designing.
The span of short-term courses is anywhere from three months to one year. You can choose a course as per your interest in a specific area of fashion designing, most of the short-term fashion design courses at Passion academy locus on a particular area of specialization. By the completion of the course period, you will gain an understanding of the fashion environment and the concepts of the chosen field.

If you are someone seeing to go a long way with fashion, and if specializations are your preference, there are several post-graduate courses and PG diploma courses available at Passion Academy.

Few popular six-month programs offered by the Passion Academy (among the many) include:

  • Introduction to Design and Fashion
  • Computer-Aided Design for Textiles
  • Fashion Art and Illustration
  • Visual Merchandising
  • The basic three-month programs include:
  • Visual Merchandising
  • Merchandising Management
  • Some of the courses with a one-year duration in the Passion academy involve:
  • Fashion Design
  • Fashion and Clothing Technology
  • Fashion Knitwear and Production Technology
  • Fashion Retail Management
  • Fashion Designing and Apparel Technology
  • ​​Here is some Interview advice for you to crack the Personal Interview Round!

If you are earnest about a career in fashion and want to be a part of the fashion industry, going for an undergraduate course can get you several fruitful opportunities. After graduating in fashion designing, you can win chances in the field of fashion designing, fashion merchandising, boutiques, fashion writing, costume designing, etc.

If you are someone seeing to go a long way with fashion, and if specializations are your preference, there are several post-graduate courses and PG diploma courses available at Passion Academy.

Once you graduate in fashion design, proceeding higher education is beneficial though the decision is entirely yours. If you are planning for internships and job prospects, you can start straight away after graduation.

​​After becoming a professional, you can also start your own Fashion and design business too!

You can also get free online designing courses in fashion for a short-term period. If you intend to start your retail store or research on trend or probe into the design, a formal course in fashion designing from Passion academy can put you on the right track.

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