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From places to tuitions to resources, there are a lot of factors to consider & compare while choosing a fashion design school. That’s why Passion Academy put together rankings of the best fashion schools selected from data and our far-reaching polls.

Do you currently attend a fashion school?

We are big supporters of fashion schools. Most of our subscribers use our videos lessons and other resources that aid them to find and apply to the best fashion design schools. On our resources menu, we provide an extensive list of the world’s best fashion schools with the links to the websites.
Does your fashion and design school already subscribe to the University of Fashion? If yes, so then you are a fortunate one as you will get all of our resources and that too for free! Plus It will help you get the most from your education. But If you not subscribed yet then ask your school librarian to get a subscription for your entire school.

How can we help you in getting top fashion and design school?

fashion and design school

If you’ve ever missed an important class, then you know it’s impossible to reconstruct the demonstration you missed that day. Of course, you can use another student’s notes. But words only cannot describe an experienced teacher’s physical actions. But, Passion Academy can help you with this! Fortunately, It has a lesson that comes much close to what your teacher demonstrated. But unlike in demonstrations classes, you can re-play our demonstrations over and over again till you fully get it.

Yearly tuitions: Art and design schools are usually expensive, although tuition can vary drastically and at many colleges, it increases each year.

Current and successfully placed alumni: Famous alumni are something that we consider, but we also reward schools with high placement rates. Only because a school doesn’t produce a marquee name yet doesn’t mean it is not good. Every school has placed students in major fashion houses, commercial labels, and other leading fashion businesses. There is also a talented support team helping you to ensure that everything runs smoothly. And are getting paid good money to do it.

Students and alumni feedback: Passion Academy surveyed thousands of past and present students about their experiences in every school. And did receive a slightly larger number of responses from U.S. students but weighed the feedback accordingly. Passion Academy also considered the quality of the faculty and offers practical and business training, resources, technologies, social life, career counselling, and financial aid options, and many more.

Top Fashion Design Schools based on six major indicators of quality, and they are :

Top Fashion Design Schools based on six major indicators of quality

1) Academic experience
2) Admission Eligibility
3) Job Placement Rate
4) Recruiter Feedback
5) Specialization
6) Global Reputation And Influence

Summary of Benefits

• The vast library of hundreds of fashion design videos lesson.
• Lessons taught by expert fashion designers.
• Ability to replay some of the most advanced techniques over and over till you fully understand them.
• Learn any time on computers, smartphones, or tablets.
• Written lesson copies come with every lesson to reinforce your learning.
• Get answers to all the questions.
• Design a visible proof of your skills for employers and fashion colleges.
• Teaches you with everything you need to know to get a job and even guides you to start your own fashion design business.

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