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How the Passion Academy Of Fashion Designing in India helps you Learn Fashion Designing?
fashion designing institute In recent times, India has been gaining more popularity in the fashion Industry. Due to vast scope and career opportunities for fashion designing in India, different institutes have come up that excellent offer courses with amazing faculties to learn from. If you are studying for the Top institute that can help you learn and grow more in this field, then certainly Passion Academy Of Fashion Designing is the best option. To enter in fashion designing, one needs to be extremely good in putting up the creativity and at the same time be useful in designing the right clothes.
Traditionally known for the manufacturing and textiles exports, India has now been showing its abilities towards designing and is also considered as a contender on the global fashion scene. Famous designers like Rohit Bal, Sabyasachi Mukherjee, Manish Malhotra, Abu Jani, Sandeep Khosla and many more have improved the fashion industry and now host nearly four weeks of ‘fashion week’ in a year in Mumbai and Dehli. Learning something from such faculties can be the most significant achievement for the students who are looking forward to getting into this aspiring career. If you are one of them and wish to join a good fashion designing institute, then certainly Passion Academy Of Fashion Designing is the right place to be.

More about Passion Academy Of Fashion Designing in India

Passion Academy Of Fashion Designing (PAFD) is one of the leading fashion designing institute India. Set up in the year 1986, this institute was started under the Government of India and Ministry of Textiles with the focus on improving the fashion industry by providing useful knowledge about fashion textiles and interior designing and thus improve the designing field in a much better way. The institute has gained a lot of popularity over the past few years due to the increasing demand by the students who have shown their interest in designing. It has been noted that the institute has also received the legal status under the act of Parliament of India in the year 2006 along with some high award degrees, achievements and academic distinctions so far.
The first institute was set up in Delhi; however, now there are many branches of the institute that are spread all across India. It was started as the first institute for designing and technology. However, as the development in the institute took place, more productions began to open the new fashion topics for learning from a global scenario point of view. The institute has gained popularity due to the availability of a variety of career options for the students. The only thing that you need to get into this industry is creativity and the ability to prove yourself here.

Passion Academy Of Fashion Designing fashion designing institute is also a member of “Fashion Schools Foundation of the World” that have been made with almost 34 schools of fashions all over the world. Many designers of India are said to be the alumni of the institute. The parliament has also passed the National Institute of Fashion Technology ( Passion Academy Of Fashion Designing ) bill for granting the degrees of their own and at the same time other academic degrees to choose from.
Popular Designing Subjects to Study
Fashion Communication :
This is one of the popular four-year undergraduate degree programs, which is for the students who wish to work on graphic designing, event management, photography, and many more.
Apparel Production :
In this program, the students are trained to design the core garments that are needed for creating the technology. Here, more stress is given on producing apparel and information technology.
Knitwear Design :
This is a new topic which was introduced at the Passion Academy Of Fashion Designing in the year 1994. It is another four-year undergraduate degree program that is conducted in Kolkata, Delhi, Hyderabad, and Chennai. In this program, you get to learn more about the requirements of the knitwear industry.
Accessory Design :
This is another topic which was started by the institute in the year 1991. It was however made available only for seven years at the Delhi institute. There were earlier three diploma courses,

Other Programs to Learn:

Bachelor Programmes

  • LD-B.Des (Leather Design)
  • TD-B.Des. (Textile Design)
  • FC-B. Des. (Fashion Communication)
  • FD- B.Des (Fashion Design)
  • AD-B.Des. (Accessory Design)
  • KD-B.Des. (Knitwear Design)
  • AP-B.FTech (Apparel Production)
  • Master Programmes
  • MFM-M.F.M. (Fashion Management)
  • MD-M.Des. (Design)
  • M.FT-M.FTech. (Fashion Technology)

Eligibility For Bachelor Programmes:

A student needs to be at least 23years of age to enter this fashion designing institute. People who wish to join in the background program must be at least 10+2 bright in any of the recognized central/state board of secondary examination.

Eligibility for Master Programme

A person must be at least an undergraduate from any fashion designing institute or should have the diploma of undergraduate of minimum three years duration from Passion Academy Of Fashion Designing.
Starting up with a designing career can be quite challenging if you can’t show your creativity in a much better way. Hence, you are advised to ensure that you make proper use of creativity and put the fantastic designs in your materials and thus make the clothes look elegant.
Fashion designing is an exciting field where creativity, color usages, designing, and style matters the most. If you are a born talent, then try to brush up your skills by joining Passion Academy Of Fashion Designing. It is an excellent institute to acquire knowledge and become one of the aspiring fashion designers.

These days, in India, a fashion designing institute has become a path of competition for many people. If you are planning to get into this industry, ensure that you make valuable research on the institute, know its fee structure, and clear up yourself with the necessary admission requirement that you need to fulfill. Once you make a detailed research on the institute, you can meet them personally or have a word with the faculty member who can guide you about the program in a much better way. You can also visit their website to get the necessary knowledge about the institute.
So get going. Choose the Passion Academy Of Fashion Designing for a better educational facility and try to reach the success ladder in less time by educating in the institute.
Passion Academy Of Fashion Designing in India to Learn Fashion Designing
Passion Academy Of Fashion Designing in India is for students who want to work in the fashion industry. If you think that you can put your creativity in designing and make a unique style statement, then yes, this is the right place where you have come up. Passion Academy Of Fashion Designing in India is known for helping the students grow well in this vast fashion industry and thus earn name and fame in a much better way. The best part of joining this industry is you can gain many useful professional contacts and friends that can be quite helpful for you in setting up your career.

About Passion Academy Of Fashion Designing Institute in India
Inter National Institute of Fashion Design (PAFD) is one of the largest designing institutes which was launched in Dwarka (Delhi) by a famous designer ‘Neelam Vaswani’ in the year 2011. It is for those aspiring students who are looking forward to making their successful career in the fashion Industry. If you are planning to get admission in this industry, indeed, it is one of the best things that you would be doing. More than 5000 students get enrolled every year in different branches of the institute. Passion Academy Of Fashion Designing is also located in Delhi and Pune besides Mumbai. People who get educated from this institute get recruited by top international brands like United Colors of Benetton, J.J.Valaya House, Tommy Hilfiger, Van Heusen, Louis Philippe, Esprit, Wills Lifestyle, Pantaloons, Godrej, and many more.

The institute has been in the fashion industry from the past 9 years and has ensured that the name of the institute remains in the top position. Besides, many star designers who came from this industry have designed for the movies and stars like Prince Charles, Jodha Akbar, ‘Vivah’ & ‘Apne’ and also for the actors like Angelina Jolie, Amitabh Bachchan, and Shahrukh Khan. For a placement tip-up with Arvind Murjani who brands for Tommy Hilfiger, Passion Academy Of Fashion Designing is one of the leading fashion designing institutes from where one can get educated.
Besides, the faculty members have also experienced designers who share their experiences and tell the students how one should survive in the fashion industry and what all things one must be careful about. Name of few designers like Neeta Lulla, Manish Malhotra, Aki Narula, and famous stars like Priyanka Chopra and Lara Dutta have also been associated with Passion Academy Of Fashion Designing student activities. The institute meets the international standards, and so far nearly 180 centers in India have been opened while few are in Dubai and Bangladesh as well.

To become a fashion designer, one needs to be well versed with this glamorous industry and all the challenges you can face while setting up the career in this field. If you are one of them who wish to become a famous designer and set your standard of style, then indeed, this is the right place where you have come. Passion Academy Of Fashion Designing motivates those who can turn their dream into reality. Amazing dean and faculty members not only help the students learn in this sector but also makes them independent enough to grow well in this industry and allows making their name. best fashion designing institute
The Mumbai branch of Passion Academy Of Fashion Designing that was started by Mr. RAHUL GAUTAM on June 2012 is also considered as one of the most pioneering centers which aim to provide best for the students.

Facilities Offered:

Following are some of the necessary facilities that you may come across in each of Passion Academy Of Fashion Designing

  • Plasma TV and Projectors in each classroom
  • Wi-Fi enabled campus
  • Fully equipped pattern making laboratory
  • Canteen facilities
  • AC classrooms
  • Fully equipped computer laboratory
  • Fully equipped garment construction laboratory
  • Juki machines
  • Hostel facilities for girls
  • Eligibility to get into this Institute
  • You need to be graduate that means (10+2+3) from U.G.C. recognized University.
  • Programs that are Offered in the Institute
  • Bachelor of Mass Communication
  • Duration: 3 Years
  • Degree: B.Sc.
  • Category: Mass Communication Major
  • Medium: Campus
  • Mode: Full Time
  • Course offered: Fashion design, Interior design, and Textile design
  • Master of Business Administration in Design Management
  • Duration: 2 Years
  • Degree: MBA
  • Category: Business Administration
  • Medium: Campus
  • Mode: Full Time
  • Course offered: Fashion design, Interior design, and Textile design
  • Advance Program
  • Duration: 2 Years
  • Degree: Advanced Diploma
  • Category: Fashion Design
  • Medium: Campus
  • Mode: Full Time
  • Course Offered: Fashion design and Textile design
  • Diploma in Fashion Designing
  • Duration: 1 Year
  • Degree: Diploma
  • Category: Fashion Design
  • Medium: Campus
  • Mode: Full Time
  • Course Offered: Fashion design, Interior design, Textile design, and Public Relations
  • Advance Diploma
  • Duration: 2 Years
  • Degree: Advanced Diploma
  • Category: Fashion Design
  • Medium: Campus
  • Mode: Full Time

Course offered:

Fashion design, Interior design, and Textile design
There are multiple other ways as well that are provided by the fashion designing institute for which you need to either visit their site or have a word with any of the concerned people.
Passion Academy Of Fashion Designing is one prestigious institute that looks forward to keeping the students motivating towards their goal and help them to reach their career path in a much convenient way. The faculties offer fantastic guidance through which the students can learn and explore many new things about the fashion industry. Besides, they also get an opportunity to meet the members of the fashion industry in India that have made this institute one of the popular ones to grow in the fashion industry.
If you are studying front to getting yourself educated in fashion and design and set a unique style in the fashion industry, then certainly nothing can be better than Passion Academy Of Fashion Designing.

Enter this glamorous world of fashion and learn new things about style, weaving, and carrying yourself in a much-relaxed manner.
For more information about the institute, you are requested to make proper research on it or visit their website or contact them personally. Know the fees structure, and what all facilities and amenities you are likely to enjoy once you enter this field. So hurry up! Get admission in this institute and make yourself a better person to grow in this fashion industry.

Why is JD Institute of Fashion Technology so Popular of fashion designing institute

If you are one of those aspiring people who is looking forward to making a good career in fashion designing but do not have much information on what this field is all about, then nothing can be best than getting into an institute and acquiring enough knowledge that can help you to grow in this sector. In India, the fashion industry has shown considerable progress over the past few years. Besides, the people who have been contributing to making this industry a successful one, have started many institutes and courses for the people who wish to start up their career here. Here, I will tell you more about JD Institute of fashion technology, and why is it worth to get educated from this industry?
These days, entering in this glamorous world has become a great challenge, due to the increasing competition and constant changes that take place in the trends. You need to work hard and go fast with the tendency to set a new standard of style. When it comes to fashion designing, there are many things you can learn, right from learning about the material till knowing about the designing and color combination.

JD Institute best fashion study schools in India. It also stands in the top position among other colleges and institutes located in Delhi and Mumbai. Some unique academic programs are offered here, which can certainly help set up your fashion career. Besides, the courses that are provided here are not so expensive and are taught by some of the most excellent faculties.

History of JD Institute of Fashion Technology

The institute was started in the year 1988 by Mr. Rajesh Dalal and Mr. Chandrakanth Dalal. They always hoped to push up the glamor industry in a much better way and thus make it easy for the right talent to get into this field. This is how the institute started. As compared to other institutes like Passion Academy Of Fashion Designing and NIFT, this institute is quite old and is one of the earliest names that was established in the Indian fashion industry. It is also counted as one of the best fashion designing schools in India. Not only fashion courses, but the institute also offers a variety of other classes like textile and interior designing that can set a good standard of style in the fashion industry. So far, 12 centers are spread across India.

About the Institute:

The institute focuses on providing necessary training and guidance to the students who are looking forward to making their career in fashion designing or any other designing field. It ensures that the interest areas of the students get more focus and the versatility among them gets improved in a much better way. With proper monitoring, supervising, and excellent practical knowledge, the institute helps the students to grow in a much better way. Quality teaching is what matters the most. The faculties here prefer to teach the students with real examples and experiences. The lectures are based on themes, and practical examples are given so that a student can learn the things in a faster way.
To polish up the skills and improve the creativity of the students, there are many courses and competition programs that are offered by the institute. Besides, the facilities and the amenities provided by the institute also helps the student to learn things in a much better way.

Know the Faculty

Mostly, the faculties that are in this institute are either quite experienced in the fashion industry or have worked as a fashion designer for quite some time. Besides, they carry a positive yet friendly approach towards the students and act as a vital link between them and their career. With their enthusiasm, knowledge, honesty, practical training, and a right approach towards the students, the faculties create an excellent teaching environment in the institute. They focus on motivating the students in a much better way and at the same time, hold different competitions and internship that help them to get good work experience and confidence within themselves.
Awards and Rankings
The institute was ranked 15th in Professional category as per the survey made by the Outlook in the year 2008
The institute is considered as one of India’s pioneers that provide world-class fashion education.

Subjects that the Institute Offers:

  • Fashion designing (Diploma)
  • Textile designing
  • Fashion photography
  • Fashion illustration
  • Fashion designing (Degree)
  • Visual Merchandising
  • Garment manufacturing technology
  • Jewelry designing
  • Fashion Merchandising
  • Fashion business management
  • Interior designing
  • Courses that you can Avail:
  • Creative fabric designing
  • Fashion designing-1 year diploma
  • Fashion business management
  • Interior designing-1 year diploma
  • Visual Merchandising
  • Fashion Merchandising
  • Fashion-2 year advance diploma
  • Garment export management
  • Interiors-3 year B.Sc degree
  • Garment manufacturing technology
  • Fashion-3 year B.Sc. degree
  • Jewelry designing


For masters degree, the person needs to be undergraduate (10+2+3) from any college or institute, Whereas for the bachelor’s degree, as students need to be (10+2) from any school and college but should be authorized by the state from where he/she completed the education. For diploma, a person needs to be (10+2), and if you are looking for the certificate degree, then you can opt for such small courses after your 10th.

JD Institute is one of the excellent fashion designing education providing institutes that offers great professionals who are committed to providing adequate education and training services. If you are looking for such an institute near your area, then you can check out the state where it is located. In Delhi, Banglore, and Mumbai, the institute is quite popular. For more information about the fees structure and the course details, you can visit their website or have a word with the member of the institute who can guide you properly.
You must have heard the name of famous designers like Flaguni and Shane, Rocky S, Niket Mishra, Gaurav Chabra, Maheka Mirpur, Urvashi Kaur to name a few, who have graduated from this institute and are still known for their style of designing.
So hurry up! Don’t miss this exciting opportunity and get yourself enrolled today itself. For more information about the institute, you can go through their site as well.

Know Which Fashion Designer you Want to be

A fashion designer is the one who is known for putting up the right blend of creativity and professionalism to give the customer a new style of clothing, footwear, and accessory. He/she is the one who focuses on satisfying the materialistic and fancy needs of the people and thus set a new standard in the market. However, not all fashion designers are the same. There are many types of fashion designers about whom you might not even hear. It is not necessary that these fashion designers are into the field where only clothes are designed. Some focus on developing footwear, while some prefer to create accessories. But the primary job of all designers is the same, that is, to sketch the design, make the right use of fabric and give instruction on how to make the products to be designed as described and thus provide the customer the final product.

Fashion designers typically do the following:

  • trade shows to get fabric samples
  • Help the customer to get the right clothing with proper fitting
  • Work other designers or team to create a prototype design
  • Decide on the theme for a collection
  • Display his/her talent of fashion on rams
  • Sketch the designs
  • Use computer-aided design (CAD) to create designs
  • Select fabrics, embellishments, colors, or style for each garment or accessory

Many people generally ask the designers about their inspiration and how they started with their collection. But the question ‘why do you design?’ is never asked. Usually, designing is a fancy, luxurious, and glamorous need of the people, especially the ones who are fashion conscious and prefer to look good.


Designers like John Galliano, Alexander McQueen, Vivienne Westwood, Jean Paul Gaultier,etc., are known for using their collection of fashion for drama, theater or comedy purpose. These designers design the clothes keeping the basic need of stage people in mind. For this, they read the entire narrative arcs and accordingly plan the dresses that suit the particular scene. Whether it is for adventure, fairy tale, or any other character, these designers ensure that the role can be highlighted in the best possible manner with the right design.

Doll Fashion Designer

These designers focus on creating the design that is parts of the whole seasonal lines for dolls and action figures. Their work is generally sold in the hobby stores.


These designers generally produce design, either imagined or the real dressings while setting a distinctive protagonist. Their clothes are usually for people who are more independent and cast themselves in their own life. Thierry Mugler, Donna Karan, Alexander Wang, Yohji Yamamoto, Gareth Pugh, Olivier Theyskens, Christian Lacroix,etc., are some of the famous designers of this field.


Famous designers who are into this field are Jeremy Laing, Christopher Kane, Vionnet, and Mark fast. They are known for the experiment and innovation for new fashion. They are also known as fashion scientists who focus on influencing the designers of the next generation.


These designers are not only great talents but can create the style using themselves as the models. They always use different media to show their fashion in the best manner. They are known for creating a distinct brand which was never built earlier. Famous designers who are into this field are Coco Chanel, Gwen Stefani, Tom Ford, Marc Jacob, Victoria Beckham, Betsey Johnson, and many more. These people can help the person in their transformation. They are quite expensive for the services they offer but are incredibly dedicated and work hard to get the best results.


These designers are also known as modern artists. Their work is generally famous in Museums. They work beyond the boundaries of what a human body can do to highlight the personality. To understand their design, you need to be aware or have good knowledge about history, so that you can understand the real concept behind their work. They are popularly known for the art of fashion which they create. Victor & Rolf, Margiela and Hussein Chalayan are few famous fashion designers.

Costume Designers

Such designers are the ones who design after useful research on costume designing. They generally design the clothes for stage performances, television sets, and movie products. They need to shop for new items frequently. These designers are considered as one of the famous ones that offer quality service.


These type of designers generally focus on creating narrow specialization. They try to use the blend of tradition and modern art of designing and producing new clothes. They are satisfied to be the purest form of tailors and can be quite expensive if you try to get the design done from them. Famous designers like Paul Smith, Mr. Pearl, Christian Louboutin, and Angela Missoni are known as Artisan designers.
Now that you have understood about different types of designers and if you are looking for expertizing yourself in this particular field, then ensure that you make proper research on that specific field and learn about it. These designers are unique in their way of providing art.

Right from sketching, designing till using the fabric, a designer is occupied with many responsibilities. Whether you want to become a footwear designer or want to expertise yourself in clothing designing, ensure that you join some excellent institute and get your self educated in that particular sector. The course structure of the courses mentioned above can vary as per the institute and the location. So don’t sit idle and start searching for the best fashion career that can help you grow and show your talent in the best possible way. Make sure you do proper homework and then make up your mind on which type of designer you want to be.

How to get a Job as a Fashion Designer or Starting your Own Business?
The career of fashion designing can be quite exciting, where you need to put lots of creativity and carry an artistic approach towards designing any product. It doesn’t matter whether you are designing clothes, accessories, or footwear, what matters the most is, how you put your creativity to make a completely original product. In India, this industry is entirely new but has many competitions that you may come across. It can be pretty challenging to get to the top position and earn the name of a fashion designer. If you are planning to get into this field and looking for some quick tips that can help you start your own fashion designing business or get a job in the same area, then you have developed to the right page.

You can make your choice from many fashion designing career paths. Some designers work for top houses like Chanel, while some prefer to get employed by the mass market manufacturers for people’s apparel. These days, you can also start your own independent fashion design business to establish your own identity and create a unique style. The concept of fashion is highly recognized by people. However, to get into this field and set your career in the same can be quite challenging. Hence, ensure that you educate yourself from an ethical fashion institute and learn new things from the internship and start your career in the right way.
Here are a few examples of the designers who started as a fresher and now the whole world knows them.
Laura Ashley was earlier a secretary who had no clue whether she could make it to the fashion industry or not. The story started, when during her marriage, she couldn’t get one right bride dress that could suit her.

Born in a middle-class family, Ralph Lauren had his dreams. He always used to purchase suits with his own pocket money and is now considered as one of the popular and the wealthiest fashion designers in the world.
For these two fashion designers, of course, it took lots of patience, dedication, and hard work to get on top. However, their real passion was something that helped them to make this significant journey and made them stand where they are now. Take a look at some of the quick tips that can surely motivate you and give an idea on how to start your career or business in this industry and become a designer.
Learning fashion designing is the most important thing. If you are planning to start up your own business, then don’t carry a careless attitude. Always think on the step twice before you take it ahead for your career.
Clear Yourself with Topics like:

Learning fashion designing is the most important thing. If you are planning to start up your own business, then don’t carry a careless attitude. Always think on the step twice before you take it ahead for your career.
Clear Yourself with Topics like:

  • Where are the leading fashion centers?
  • What are the fashion categories?
  • What does a fashion designer do?
  • Why are people keen on purchasing fashion apparel?
  • Popular fashion designers
  • When are designs sold?
  • Brush Up your Fashion Skills
  • Textiles knowledge
  • Computer design and hand sketching
  • How to identify trends
  • Ways to enhance your creativity
  • Develop your eye for fashion
  • Fashion industry sewing technique

Once you get an overview of fashion designing, make sure you refrain your idea and include some excellent style, while keeping in mind the personality of the individual who would be wearing it. Sketching a design is the next task that you need to. Then comes how to create a good pattern, and then the next step is draping. You need to be careful with the fabric material that you choose along with the color and know whether it will suit the person or not. You also need to make some samples and create the garments and accordingly create the final product.
How to Start up your Own Business?
First, you need to be sure that you are right in almost every sector of fashion designing. Then plan up until the strategies for your designing business and know the overall start-up cost that is included. You also need to select the name for your fashion designing business and make sure that it is easy to be understood and remembered by the customer. Create a trademark for your business that can later become your business identity. Know tips and tricks on how to reduce the expenses and hire an assistant who can help you further. Sell your merchandises in the best possible way by identifying the exact selling point. Socialize with people and know which links to the best fashion industry can prove to be resourceful.

How to Get Hired as a Fashion Designer?

First, you need to get a proper certified course or degree from a good institute and learn new things by getting into a partnership phase from a good company. Select the particular type of position from where you wish to start your career, read the fashion related publication, prepare your portfolio and include certain items in it so that employers can get a better idea about your company.
When you’re planning to start a career in fashion designing, try to avoid silly mistakes and be cautious while taking the measurements and planning up to the designs as they need to be accurate, original and useful. Whether you wish to start as a fashion designer or want to get hired by a good company, focus on improving your talent and try to give your best shot so that your own identity gets created and you can earn success in the market.
Fashion designing, as a career, is quite interesting only if you give your 100%. To get into this field, be aware of the changing trends and all necessary information that can help you to grow in this industry. So start doing proper research, learn new things, and ensure that whichever sector you decide to go, you stay motivated and dedicated towards the goal that you are planning to achieve. Fashion designing is one creative field where you can enjoy in both ways that are by starting up your business or getting hired by some company and learning new things.

Select the Best Fashion Designing Institute in India

Starting a career in fashion designing is an exciting way to show your talent and creativity. If you are a fashion lover and know how to play with colors and designs to set a new style in the Indian market, then you are on the right career path. In India, the scope for this career has been increasing in the past few years. If you are preparing to set up your profession and become an expert in this field, then undoubtedly you need to focus on selecting the best fashion designing course in India. I would suggest that you visit each college and know what direction do they offer and whether that interests you or not. Merely making a research on the institute will not help you grow in this sector. To brush up your creative skills and show your talent, you need to select one of the finest institutes of fashion designing.
In India, many recognized institutes and colleges are known for their creative excellence and setting up the trends in the fashion world. These institutes have highly qualified faculties that have already set the trends in the fashion world. Deciding the best fashion designing institute in India can be quite confusing due to the availability of lots of options that are world renowned, providing excellent educational facilities. However, to shortlist these prestigious institutes, here are some quick tips that you can follow and get yourself the most excellent institute to learn things and set a mark in the fashion industry.

To start up with your search, you can use different sources like fashion journal or magazines, or reference from some friends, online website and many more where you can get detailed information about the modern fashion industry. You can get the contact details and try to visit the colleges to get an idea about their style of providing education, facilities, and courses available. If you think you have a proper scope to learn new things in a particular college, then go for it.

Know the Reputation

It is the essential thing to which you should not give a miss. Look for the college or institute that is known for proper professional training with the strength of its curriculum in the fashion industry. The college should have the ability to inspire people to enter the fashion world. Look for the one which is known for friendly faculties with professionalism and have a good reputation in the fashion industry. The school you choose should give you all the industry knowledge that can help you become a successful professional.

Services that are Offered

Generally, lots of institutes offer both practical and theoretical knowledge along with the live project to work on. This can add up in your experience and help you get an impressive portfolio that can meet up the industry standards. Look for the institutes that have the faculties which can provide you with live projects and assign you with one to work on personally. At the end of the course, the design collection that you would be showcasing must be kind enough to get published in the fashion show. The college should also have the traineeships to help you get your experience in the industry, which can later become a critical advantage to kick start your career.

Know the Fees Structure

The fees structure for each institute will be different. However, at an average, you may have to pay more than Rs 45,000 per annum to finish off the complete course in this field, especially if you are planning to join a reputed institution.
If you are restricted with the payment amount, then you can go for part-time or short term certificate courses that are available at cost friendly value.

10 Fashion Designing Institutes in India to Approach

You can research some of the leading institutes of fashion designing that are located all over India. Passion Academy Of Fashion Designing of Delhi is the leading one which also has its branches in Gandhinagar and Mumbai. Famous fashion designers like Rohit Bal, Ritu Beri, and Sabyasachi Mukherjee have come as faculty guests to motivate the students. Other renowned institutes you can join are:
Passion Academy Of Fashion Designing

Job Prospect

In India, though fashion designing has gained a lot of popularity over the past few years, the industry is still new. There are many opportunities for talented people who are quite enthusiastic and creative to stay in this field. It would be great if the institute you choose can offer you the job that can help to start up your career and get good experience in this field. Whether in garments or textile mills, the institute you choose should help you get a good company where you can show your art.
To start your career as a fashion designer, you will come across many fashion designing institute. Most of these are in private sectors and have a variety of part-time and full-time courses. Handloom and Chandru silk are some of the famous fashion trends found in India’s rural area. It doesn’t matter in which city the institute is located. The most valuable thing is that you learn from them while getting the right online information with the help of e-learning tools.
To start up your dashing career as a fashion designer, you need to have a unique creative approach. Many famous fashion designers have set their styles of dressing which have become widely popular all over India and other countries in the world. If you are an artist and creative enough to create your fashion standard, then taking up a career in fashion designing can be the best choice for you. Though the package at the beginning would be less, the growth in this sector is quick. So make yourself useful in this career by joining the proper fashion designing institute in India.

How to Rise your Career in Fashion Designing in India?

Fashion designing is all about how you put your creativity and introduce a new fashion trend in the market. In India, fashion designing has been gaining popularity for a long time. If you are proposing to start your career in this field, then I must tell you that you are on the most creative and fantastic path where you can enjoy your work and at the corresponding time set a new standard of fashion in India.
Fashion designing is an art to designing the lifestyle accessories and clothes that can lift the confidence of the person and make him/her look the best. This is generally influenced by social and cultural attitudes and has evolved considerably for a long time. Right form designer clothes are worn by royal people to the branded couture products; fashion designing has come a long way. In India, starting up your career in this field can be the best way to create your own identity. If you can design and put your style and creativity in a good sense, then this career is right for you. It is one of the most glamorous and appealing career options in today’s world that try to satisfy both the practical needs and at the same time creative demands of the people. However, this demanding career needs a proper blend of creativity and professionalism with excellent managerial skills to set up in the industry and grow. If you have skills to play with colors and make some magic with designs and shapes, then do a professional course to get going in this successful career.

Create your Personality

You must have heard the names of famous Indian fashion designers like Ritu Kumar, Satya Paul, Neeta Lulla, Nikhil and Krishna Mehta, Rohit Bal, Manish Malhotra, Hemant Trivedi, J.J Walya, Shahab Durazi to name a few. Their journey to achieve success was not so easy, and the same would be for you. What matters the most is how you represent your art and yourself to the world so that they can take an interest in your styles of designing.
You need to create your personality by carrying an artistic approach. Be creative and good enough to express your ideas in sketches. It is not necessary that you need to be a brilliant artist, but you should have a sense of color combination and put up the tones correctly. I would personally recommend you to study more about the fabrics and have that flair of creating art with it. Try to expertise yourself in using the textiles effectively. Focus on building your visual imagination that would be loved by the client.

Understand the Market

To become a good fashion designer, maintaining the relationship with customers and the market is significant. You must be fashion conscious and know different market requirements. To have a unique international perspective, try to read more of fashion magazines, do a good homework on the way by searching some right online information and look out for the journals by which you can get a clear idea on how you can stay for long in the fashion market.
Visit different galleries and improve your interaction with the artists who are right into a traditional field and get some tips from them. You must have the basic knowledge of tailoring skill like draping, cutting and of course, sewing. Don’t only just read books and look for the images. Try to practice more on your own by differentiating between the quality of the fabric used.
It is remarkably essential to keep an eye on the changing fashion trend and know the market and customer lifestyle. This will help you to design the clothes for the people just the way they want. In this field, attributes like being inventive and originality matter the most.

Make yourself Qualified

To provide a vitality start to your profession in fashion designing, two skills are a need, which are essential skills and the acquired one. The vital skills include creativity, aesthetic sense, color coding, and sense of fashion. For the client, a designer would be like guidance who would help him/ her to figure out the comfort level, taste, and preferences. To become a good fashion designer, you need to know fabrics and their quality.
Next comes the acquired skills for which you need to apply to a recognized and reputable fashion institute. You can either apply for full time or part time course. You can switch to this career after 10th or even after 12th. Generally, people pursue this option after 12th. Institute offers typically the classes that provide creative and technical thinking skills to brush up your imaginary level.

Know Different Courses to Expertise

There are many courses out of which you can choose the one of your interest. The duration of these courses generally varies from 6 months to 3 years, depending on the institute. These courses cover the issues of production management, clothing technology, apparel designing, fashion merchandising, and many more.
In India, the increasing scope of fashion designing and use of a variety of materials and textiles have now made the availability for the fashion designers to explore it in the local markets. To start up your career in this field, ensure that you visit these places. India has now become a prominent place due to the availability of handloom fabrics, unique embroidery patterns, and dazzling eyes. To gain popularity in Indian fashion designing, ensure that you follow the tips mentioned above and keep on acquiring knowledge about this field. All you need to work on is, improving the creative skills to put your ideas into the fabric and dress comfortably.

Top 10 Fashion Design Schools in India

Following is a list of top 10 fashion design schools of India. What we also discuss here along with these names are the individual courses and facilities that these institutes provide to its students.

(1) Passion Academy Of Fashion Designing (PAFD)

Established in 2011 in Delhi, this college is one of the leading fashion design institutes of India. It comes under Delhi NCR and is the right place to be for the people who have a sincere desire and passion for leading the fashion industry of tomorrow to its absolute pinnacle. The course structure for every program is set with absolute precision and according to the standards of the design education and professional culture. Following programs are offered here:
• Post Graduation Program in Fashion Merchandising & Retail Management – MBA FM&RM
• Degree Program in Fashion & Apparel Designing: FAD
• Interior Designing – B.Sc. ID
• Jewelry Designing & Management – B.Sc. JD& M
• Animation & Multimedia – B.Sc. A&M
• Bachelor’s in Business Management – BBM
• Graduate Diploma Programs in Fashion Designing & Management – GDFDM
• Computer Aided Fashion Designing – CFD – C
Infrastructure: Equipped with Wi-Fi campus, LCDs in every classroom and a state of the art campus, it offers its students direct interface with industry giants through seminars and hands-on training.

(2) Sir J.J. Institute of Applied Art

The college is functioning since 1935, and in 1981, it got affiliated to the University of Mumbai. The main courses offered here are the Bachelors in Fine Arts and the Masters in the same. There are two other certificate courses in photography and interior design also. The USP of this college is that it aims at the vitality of giving training in visual communication. Under this, they have such specializations like lettering, photography, illustration, and display designs. The theory and the practical knowledge that one stands to gain from these courses is bound to take one a long way in a successful career in the industry.

(3)International Institute of Fashion Design (INIFD)

The institute, which was started in 1995 by famous designer Ritu Beri in Chandigarh, is today an internationally renowned college for fashion design studies. It works in collaboration with IBM, Milan, the world’s top fashion design college. The USP of this institute is that it has firm affiliations with the industry big-wigs and has many of its alumni working with senior people in fashion. Students have been recruited with prestigious companies like Tommy Hilfiger, Pantaloons, Wills Lifestyle, United Colors of Benetton, Esprit, etc.

(4) National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT)

It was set up in 1986 and came under the purview of the Ministry of Textiles. It is the premier national institute of fashion design and offers a bachelor’s degree in accessory designs, fashion design, knitwear design, leather design, and textile design. It also provides a master’s course in design, fashion management, and fashion technology.
Among other things, the institute provides a well-stocked library, practical labs, large and well-ventilated classrooms and organizes various seminars from time to time. It has its campuses in New Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Gandhinagar, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, Raebareli, Bhopal, Kannur, Patna, and Shillong.

(5) Mod’art International

The college is a branch of the famous Mod’art Fashion School of Paris. This college was started in Mumbai, India, as the people in Paris understood that India was the next best destination to find fashion-frenzied people. It was also one of the fastest growing economies and so it was a profitable decision to come here and set up a college. Today, the college is churning out students who can build indigenous fashion empires. One can find the following programs here:
Design and pattern making, which is a three years’ bachelor’s course and covers areas like textile design, textile material, marketing, draping, sewing, etc.
Fashion management, which is a one-year bachelors program after which a student can either get a placement (placements managed by the college) or can go in for the master’s program. The strong point of these courses is that at the end you get a French recognized degree certificate allowing you to apply to the many French fashion design companies with ease.

(6)Istituti Callegari, Mumbai

The following courses are offered here:
• Accessory designer: It involves 400 hrs. of training in complete control over the technical team to get the designs ready as per the brief.
• Accessory collection management: 1 year/ part-time classes in Novedrate (Italy) that include guest lectures, seminars, and practicals.
• Interior Designer coordinator course: This is a six months course that trains the students in interior designing of homes.
• Fashion Designing course: 3 months’ session in which the student will learn the process starting from the design finalizing to the making of samples and then proceeding with sales and marketing operations.
• Garment maker course: The student learns the basics of managing the cutting and stitching of clothes manually as well as on machines. It gives both kinds of experience to the students- manual and automated process.
• Pattern maker: In this two years course, the students get to learn about the technical dynamics of designing with the help of CAD/CAM and establish a base for their further work in the industry with the help of skills acquired in the course of this course.

(7)National Institute of Design

Started in 1961 in Ahmedabad, it is today one of the most prestigious design institutes in India and continues to train students from all over in fashion design. It is providing excellent training built on its traditions of innovation. It teaches the students all about problem-solving, multitasking, collaborative working, and need for constant change. The campus offers its students the facilities like large classrooms, 24×7 internet, labs for practical sessions, and placement assistance.
The courses offered here are:
• Graduate Diploma Program in Design: It’s a four-year course that has different faculty members for industrial design classes, communication design, and lifestyle design. The subjects that this program includes are furniture and interior design, animation film design, film, and video communication, exhibition design, product design, graphic design, and textile design.
• Postgraduate diploma in animation film design: It is a 2 ½ years course in which the students are trained to find solutions to production design for films and animation to carry out their work smoothly.
• Post Graduate Diploma in Film & Video Communication: The course is a 2 ½ years course set to teach the students the techniques of using visual and audio communication techniques to reach out to the audience.
• Post Graduate Diploma in Furniture & Interior Design: This course is designed to train students in the essential methods of executing interior design projects and handle the job of designing and choosing the right interior fixtures.
• Post Graduate Diploma in Textile Design: This course gives the student’s industry experience in textile designing with ample practical work and on-the-job training. The students are walked through all the designing and implementation work; there is to be learned before joining the industry.

(8)BD Somani Institute of Art and Fashion Technology

The college offers its students a chance to build their skills in design principles, concepts, and trends. It covers various aspects like insights into customer behavior, preferences, motivations behind buying, etc. The students are also trained in studying trends and forecasts of the market, designing business models according to these trends, and the strategic application of all this market information towards successful business moves. It gives the students a macro-perspective. The institute offers its students courses in Fashion Technology, Commercial Arts & Digital Communications. Various courses offered here are:
• Diploma in Fashion Designing -Basic (1 Year)
• Diploma Course in Graphic Arts & Media Communications
• Diploma in Fashion Business (Adv.) -1 Year
• Diploma in Fashion Merchandising & Retail Management
• Diploma in Digital Animation
• Diploma in Digital Print Designing
• Diploma in Photography

(9)Delhi Institute of Fashion Technology (DIFT)

The college’s forte courses are Fashion Designing, Interior Designing, and Textile Designing, thus offering a wide variety of choice to the students as regards to their professional lives. The students are trained in a very professional environment, with also the inclusion of flexible and creative aspects that are a necessary part of this field.
The campus here offers large spacious classrooms that are well-lighted, labs for practicals, assistance with placements, etc. the eligibility criteria for all bachelors courses is a 10+2 passing certificate. Various courses offered here are:
Advance Diploma in Interior Designing
• Diploma in Fashion Designing
• Diploma in Interior Designing
• Diploma in Jewelry Designing
• Diploma in Textile Designing

(10)MIT Institute of Design, Pune

The college is situated in Pune and the famous MIT college campus. MIT is one of the top colleges in the city and houses many other courses too. The design course offers:
• Graduate Diploma Programme in Animation Film Design
The college provides an exhaustive range of courses to its students and also has one of the most well-stocked libraries of all colleges, with an excellent collection of videos and books.
For more info on these top 10 fashion design schools in India, you can visit their sites.

How to Start a Career in Fashion Designing

If you have made up your mind to become a fashion designer, you must know the fact that fashion designing is no easy task. It takes a lot of innovation, many different ideas, many failed experiments before one successful change, a lot of rejection, and consistent efforts despite all the failures.
Have you ever thought, what is the daily routine of established fashion designers? What do they do in a day typically? Designers tirelessly tear down their day in creating designs and sketches for a prospective line of clothes, accessories, shoes, etc., that are either in much demand right now or that could set a future trend. and choose the best fashion designing institute.

But this is just an overlook; the primary responsibilities carried out by designers daily include each or some of the comprehending, depending upon the work assigned to the designer or the position held by the designer at a professional set-up:
• Create or visualize an idea and try to develop it in an original design.
• Keep track of new and emerging fashion trends around the globe using fashion magazines, journals, and news.
Design something new every day.
• Experiment with new fabrics, colors, cuts, drapes, and patterns.
• Maintain the proper stock of materials of different varieties, invent new types in the market and order new fabric as required.
• Keep course of the whole supply chain from your distributor to the customer, understand how the product is being trusted at the customer end, know whether the price range is working, make sure the designs are doing like, or you need to bring some changes in your design and deployment strategies.

You must have now realized that it takes a lot of hard work, research, and an innovative approach towards your work to achieve yourself a good reputation and be successful as a fashion designer. Not only this, but you should also have a natural sense of right color combinations, trends, and the way apparels and accessories accentuate the looks of a person. A natural flair for designing and sketching is also very helpful. It is essential for a fashion designer to be good at drawing and sketching. Without it, it wouldn’t be possible for them to bring their ideas on paper so that they could be brought to reality. But this can be learned; you can join drawing and sketching classes or practice on your own.

There are many aspects of the word fashion designer. When you are working as a fashion designer, you would sometimes be required to supervise a design team working on sportswear at a sportswear design firm. At someplace, you would be required to manage apparel designs for kids, and so on. As a designer, you would have to undertake many responsibilities and work in different areas. For this, it is essential that you have a strategy. If you choose to establish yourself without any formal training, you would have to start searching for further opportunities and keep on learning new things on your own.
With professional training from the right fashion school, you would gain the proper knowledge which is required to be a suitable professional designer. Along with the craft you get to learn from a prestigious design school, you would also have a coveted name to reckon on in your resume. Having the name of a right school in your curriculum helps a lot when you approach different opportunities. In a way, the name of the fashion design school you attended adds credibility to your name.

Get into a Renowned Fashion School

Applying to the right fashion design school is the first step to start your career as a fashion designer. Many fashion designing schools in India have well-structured fashion designing programs, but not many provide the required edge that you need to push start your career. The competition is high, and it is quite difficult to enter these schools. The selection procedure is quite sturdy, and the schools are also very selective. Most schools will require you to attend a standard entrance test, and based on the results; your admission would be partly decided. The candidates that successfully pass the entrance examination are then screened through personal interviews and some personalized assignments like sketching a design or showing a portfolio of some models you might have created. Your drawing and sketching skills would also be checked, and if they are perfect, you will score an extra point that would help in your admission.
It is recommended that you gain some sewing and designing experience before appearing for such entrance exams. This would help you to understand many details, even without doing any research. If you are not very good at drawing and sketching, you can join a craft school where you would learn drawing. The picture is a way in which the designers can communicate their ideas, and so, just as any language helps a writer to present his/her ideas, drawing helps a designer to plot down his/her thoughts on canvas.

How Would Design School Help You?

Most fashion designing degree courses are of a period of 3 to 4 years. During this time, all you do is put a proper focus on the essential skills that would be helpful to you in your future endeavors as a fashion designer. During your curriculum, you would learn a lot about pattern making, cutting, and draping methods. One more important, the fact that favors courses from fashion schools are that the schools work very closely with the real fashion industry. Many design schools have innovative projects that allow renowned designers to directly interact with the graduating candidates, giving them some tips, and analyzing and criticizing the work done by these young fashion designers.
Almost every fashion school also has a fashion show at the end of the last semester of a graduate program. Such fashion shows are beneficial in providing the young talent a platform where they could display the final, polished work to many well-known personalities in the fashion world. Many fashion designers are known to pick young talent directly from schools and provide them an opportunity to work under them as their assistants. Such a golden opportunity can be essential for a candidate to start the career as a fashion designer with ease.

Sadly, being creative is not the only essential thing for a designer to become successful. It is also necessary to have good business sense. As you start getting more and more involved in the corporate sector, you realize the importance of a proper business sense to survive in extreme competition. You need to be aptly accustomed to the total supply and demand chain, understand the basics of economics and be very organized if you are thinking of starting your fashion wear. Many institutes are making business studies an essential part of their curriculum to help their students while they are out in the market. If the students are given prior training about, say, how you negotiate with a prospective client or how to maintain the stock, the candidate will do better when the actual need arises.
Good understanding of marketing strategies also helps a lot when it comes to market your product. With proper marketing strategies, you can reach to your target audience properly. With excellent visibility comes popularity and once your product or brand name becomes popular, all you need to do is continue the good work with more innovation, an out of the box thinking, added efforts and hard work.

How to Become a Fashion Designer without a Degree

The meaning of fashion is different in different cultures. I don’t agree that the word fashion abides by any specific definition given to it. The way is a generic term; it cannot have a particular meaning applied to it. What style means to someone can seem a weird sense of get-up to someone else. So, forget about confining the term to any definition. Forget about following any trend that is in, invent something new, or try something different.
Fashion, to me, means being comfortable with what you wear and carrying it with ease, being lively and presentable, and for that, you don’t need to look around for inspiration. Just be your guide and keep innovating with what you have at hand and soon you would be your fashion designer.
Being a professional fashion designer is also not very different; you need to keep on innovating with a variety of things. You need to innovate with the fabric being used, the cuts of the product under development, colors and create something that would make someone look impressive and add an edge to the overall look of that person.
Getting into this field on a professional level requires both natural and acquired skills. Logical skills essential are a good sense of colors, fabric and cuts, and a proper understanding of the cultural background of the place where you shall work. Acquired skills are necessary to give your work a professional edge. You can acquire skills for fashion designing through a course at a fashion institute or can learn on your own through experience or references to some scholarly work.

There are many ways to acquire professional skills for being a fashion designer. It depends on you to choose according to your choice of career. If you would like to get into fields of textile manufacture and design or presentation, the management or fashion journalism, you will have to go for a proper full-time course so that after the successful completion of your class, you would stand eligible for companies offering these jobs.
If you wish to go in apparel design solely, you can do it on your own, learn the necessary skills from a local designer or take a diploma course, full-time/part-time or learn from fashion magazines and books. If your inventions stuck the cord with the local public or your target customers, you would do well. On the other game, you can also take a full-time degree course from a reputed institute to earn a fellowship with a renowned designer wherein you would get the chance to learn a lot from the existence of the designer.

In the following excerpt, we will discuss ways of establishing yourself as a fashion designer without getting any degree. Following would be the steps that would allow you to start your career in this field of fashion designing on your own. Yes, some professional training would surely be required, but not necessarily a full-time degree or diploma course from an institute. All you need to do is have that passion and the real sense of fashion within yourself to survive in the field. Here are the steps:
Maintain a Journal: You can create a research file that contains detailed information about the various fashion categories like accessories, apparel, shoes, etc. While getting in the detailed information, you would get to know what field you are particularly interested in. Even when students get enrolled in a fashion institute, the research part is the first step of their curriculum. So, see yourself as a candidate in one such fashion school and be your mentor.

Have an Inspiration: Your inspiration could be a renowned fashion designer whose designs struck you. You can look at the plans, the cuts, the drapes, the colors, and the fabric used through pictures from the designer’s show or some apparel donned by a celebrity. Have the photos, cut your favorite design, and paste it somewhere near you. When you get to see something like this around you every moment, you naturally get inspired to move on the path you’ve chosen.
Learn Drawing and Sketching: Drawing and sketching are essential to materialize a design. These skills are like designers language. Your creative mind seeks a way to get to the real world. Withdrawing and sketching, you are doing just this, allowing the designs in your account to come down on the paper. So, it is necessary that you learn these skills. You should be able to tirelessly create designs and draw sketches so that when you finally get a chance to sew something, you would have a plan at hand to start your work. Also, a drawing class will help you to understand the basics of color combinations that would be helpful for you when you design actual clothes.
Learn Sewing: Understanding the basic and advanced sewing methods, a proper understanding of the ways a piece of cloth can be seen in a variety of ways. You can take a sewing class from a local designer or a part-time program from some fashion institute. Sew as many clothes as you can while you are learning. Try it on your friends, family, or yourself so that you get a proper understanding of the types of bodies and fittings accordingly. Understand the basics of favorite fabrics, how they can be appropriately used in your designs.

Sew Clothes for the People Around You; Start a Non-profit Professional Set-up: Sew clothes on a non-profit basis. This will allow you to build a good customer base to start-off and would help you to understand how you should deal with people. Also, as you get to design or sew clothes for a more extensive customer base, you will come across more subject for understanding basics of body types and their fittings. Take this as a learning phase; wherein quick profit is not your goal; you wish to learn, that is it.
Take Part in Fashion Designing Competitions: Find out any local fashion design competitions around you. Participate in it. Even if you are not able to function well, you would understand what others are doing and what you backside do to educate yourself. You would get new ideas and a proper direction.

Set-up Your Small Work Place: Set up a small workshop with your sewing machine and a board, wherein you can stick your inspirational designs, some of your plans; a place where you can sketch and design. Make it in a way that you would feel that you are into it professionally now and that you need to be serious about it. You can also place a mannequin to which you can pin your fabrics, drape clothes in style, and create a new design every day. You can use papers or cheap materials to materialize the plan; the original design can be easily made afterward.
Understand Your Market: When you are up to some serious investment, i.e., when you have a good number of awe-inspiring designs at hand, understand the market around you to see what kind of fabric you can put in to make the clothes in a proper price-range; something good for the market you wish to enter in. You should understand what your target wants, to make sure that your products are sold.
Seek an Internship: Seek an internship with a local designer. Don’t keep money in mind while doing the internship; a course is meant for learning, and all you should do is learn as much as you can.
Create a Smart Portfolio: Have a portfolio that contains some of your best designs. When you approach a customer or when you are contacted, such a collection can help you to show the customer some of your most beautiful creations. This would help them in understanding your creativity in a glance, and they would be assured of your talent. Such portfolios are also very essential when you approach a designer for an internship.
Many other things would come your way when you start working. If you have the dedication and a real passion for your work, you can do well. If not on the global market, you can be a famous face in your local or targeted market. This is good to kick start your career; many more things will keep on following after that.

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