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Fashion Short Courses | Best Short Term Courses Institute in Delhi

Fashion Short Courses Best Short Term Courses Institute in Delhi

Fashion Short Courses The Short Courses

Fashion Short Courses at Passion Academy will prepare you to examine several methods to create a high-quality product and help you to learn techniques for the graphic design areas and exteriors, product design, and design analysis. So, while you do your Fashion-related graduation, you can combine it with design courses.

These short courses provide an opening to the fundamentals of Fashion Designing Course, how to form ideas and interpret them into a visual representation. Members will get introduced to key concepts in the fashion design method, to basic drawing and illustration techniques, and the study of biases. These short courses also examine the role of the fashion designer with participants working on artistic research for a unique design collection via a vocational learning approach.

Fashion Short Courses open all the Year round – Enrollment every Monday, which is suitable also for Students without a fashion background.

Discover our courses in Passion Academy of Fashion Designing

The Woman’s Wear Design Course is to develop the student for the professional reality of the fashion world, Fashion Short Courses not only developing individual creativity but also to procure the requirements of the Fashion Design Industry.

The Menswear Design Course will enable students to develop a sense of taste that is required to design clothes for men. Passion Academy is well-known for its excellent Menswear Collection.

The Accessory Design Course will let students study how to draw handbags and shoes based on their creativity as well as keeping the practical use of the item.

The Bridal Wedding Design Course is not just limited to those who desire to study how to design fashion Short Courses contemporary Italian Style Wedding Dresses but also for those who crave to improve his professional skills.

The Fashion Illustration Embroidery Designs Course is not just the design or representation of a garment but more of an art form. Also, it is an alternative way for productive people who enjoy fashion and aspire to show it in a different way of how fashion design inspires them.

The Vintage Restyling Course is even now in the big fashion houses; they refer back to their origins and the vintages pieces for inspiration. Fashion Short Courses Moreover, trends come and go, but they eventually come back in decades ahead in a different form.

The Fashion Sketching Course is to improve the skill to sketch, understanding the construction of garments. This fashion course is for those students who desire to draw product sketches quickly.

Computer Courses

The Photoshop Fashion Design Course

It is suited especially for the fashion designers, how wants to create & manipulate fashion designs trough Photoshop.

The Fashion Portfolio Design Course

It will develop a personal method of freehand drawing, you will learn the several coloring ways with the computer or with hand, and you dedicate yourself to the study of proportions to produce targeted designs that will enrich your curriculum.

Special Courses

The Summer Fashion Course

One month of an intensive program for students who want to improve their skill or desire to discover the world of fashion in Passion Academy of Fashion Designing.

The Draping & Design Courses

Ards of fabric at your disposal and design come to life. Here is the primary notion of the current drapery course so to develop your artistic and manual skills.

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