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Sewing Machine of Fashion Designing is the Most Important Part

Sewing Machine of Fashion Designing

Sewing Machine of Fashion Designing

A Sewing Machine of Fashion Designing is a mechanical device used to stitch a garment or other thing with a thread or wire. Sewing machines sew beautiful dresses to wear, big bags, bedsheets, thin or thick rajas. Beautiful embroidery.

More than two thousand types of machines are used for different tasks like cloth, leather, etc. of the chest. Now, all kinds of tools of stitching buttons, hinge making, embroidery is starting to become different. Now the machine is also run by electricity.


Sewing Machine First Sewing Machine Yicenthal in 1755 AD. There hole in the middle of its needle, and both ends pointed. In 1790, Thomas Saint invented the second machine. In this, like a cobbler’s needle, a sew would pierce into the cloth, a threaded pulley would bring the thread over the hole, and a prickly needle would take it down the loop which stuck in a hook at the bottom. Sewing or Stitching

The cloth moves forward, and the second loop of the same way gets attached in the first. The hook grabs the first noose except the first one. In this way, the chain is stitched down. If Saint had come up with the idea of ​​a hole in that tip, perhaps the modern machine would have been invented at the same time.

A few days later, some people sabotaged this institution where this machine-made and the inventor could save his life from difficulty. In 1845, he got a second patent for a good machine from him, and in 1848, he took a license from England and the United States. Now the tool was made of iron.

The idea of ​​a pierced tip, double thread and double buckle first conceived in 1832–34 AD by an American Balter Hunt. He dipped around, pierced tip with a rotating handle that would pierce through the cloth and come out of the noose with a small thread, it stuck the loop down, and the needle came up. Thus the double strand of double yarn was invented.

When Hut convinced of his success, he applied for a patent in 1853 AD but could not get the copyright because this piercing tip patent had already made in England for the ‘Newton and Archibald’ glove chest in 1841 Had taken. At the same time, Alloys Hove also got his machine-made and patented by 1846. In his machine, both the words of the hunt, pierced tip and double thread, were present 12 years ago.

After some time William Thomas hired him to purchase a patent from him for 250 pounds, but he was utterly unsuccessful in his work and returned to America in a deplorable state. Here sewing machines became very popular in America and Howick’s machine was patented by Izak Merritt Singer in 1851 AD.

In 1849, Alan V. Wilson made another invention independently. He invented a rotating and rotating, which is the mainstay of the Wheeler and Wilson machine. In 1850 AD, Wilson patented him. In this, the four-speed machine which moved the cloth, and after each seam, used to move the fabric, was the main one. At the same time, Grover invented a double chain, the chain machine, which is the main principle of the ‘Grover and Baker’ machine. In 1856, a farmer Gibbs created a series seam machine which was later improved by Wilcox and became known as ‘Guild Wilcox’. Now a lot of it has been improved.

Sewing machine in India

In India too, by the end of the nineteenth century, the engine had arrived. It had two main ones, Singer of America and ‘Puff’ of England. After independence, machines started manufactured in India too, of which Usha is prominent and very advanced. Based on the singers, merit also made in India.

In India in 1935, the first sewing machine named Usha was made in a factory in Kolkata (Calcutta). All parts of the machine-made in India. Now there are different types of stitching machines made in India. They also sold overseas.

Sewing Machine Type

Human needs to increased. With this, the desire to look beautiful and shapely also increased. Attention was paid to the elegant attire to look beautiful. In this way, there was a search for new work on sewing machines. New designs started coming up. Now sewing machines can do all the work we could not even imagine. Sewing machines run by hand, foot, or motor.

A Merrow A-Class machine

A Merrow 70-Class machine (2007)

How is stitching done?

Three types of seams used in a sewing machine –

(1) single-chain seam,
(2) double chain seam,
(3) double Bakhiya.
In the first one thread is used and in the other two threads run up and down simultaneously.

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