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Top 10 Best Fashion Designing Colleges | and Institutes in Delhi

Top 10 Best Fashion Designing Colleges

Top 10 Best Fashion Designing Colleges

Top 10 Best Fashion Designing Colleges and Institutes in Delhi, Fashion designing has evolved into a thriving and global, multi-billion-dollar industry today. And its rise has been increasing the demand of professionals who can think of fashion basically and innovatively and can create durable and trendy designs. It is today an ocean of opportunities and scopes. Fashion designing is best for creative young minds who wish to shine out of the box by doing something!

Top 10 Best fashion designing colleges and Institute in Delhi are:

1. J.D. Institute of Fashion Technology

Corporate Center J.D. Institute of Fashion Technology is the educational division of J.D. Educational Trust, with learning centres spread across India. The Institute on 12 October 1988 in Mumbai, India, and in a history of more than 25 years The Institute maintains a reputation for providing multi-disciplinary education in the field of fashion and internal design studies. The Institute was ranked 10th in the area of Fashion Technology Education in India by INDIA TODAY. J.D.

Educational Trust is a charitable establishment with a strong legacy of design programs and a culture of critical analysis. The Institute has delivered continuously some successful fashion design professionals employed by marquee-name labels and organizations around the globe. The school has an acclaimed list of alumni – Rocky S, Shane and Phalguni, Reza, Gaurav Chabra, Urvashi Kaur, Maheka Mirpuri, Nitin-Isha and Niket Mishra.

2. School of Design and Visual Arts, APJ ST University

Apeejay Stya University seat of global education that offers immense opportunities for innovative learning, creativity and research on topics. It aims to bring about the transformation of society through value-based education, man-making and nation-building, by blending the dual identities of a technology.

As a university, ASU aims to ensure that our classes are interactive and provide a strong foundation for students’ independent education. Our faculty members based on their research and teaching capabilities and industry experience. The University also conducts regular capacity building programs for its faculty. It is one of Delhi’s Top 10 Fashion Designing Colleges.

3. Pearl Academy, Delhi NCR – West campus

INDIA TODAY – Nielsen Survey 2017 has given it second place in India’s Top 10 Fashion Colleges. For two consecutive years, Pearl Academy has as the Best Design Institute in India (2016 and 2017) by Assocham Education National Excellence Awards. The Economic Times has recognized it as the Best Education Brand (2017) in the Fashion Design category. Pearl Academy corporate member of the Textile Institute in Manchester

The U.K. It is in partnership with FDCI, FICCI – Higher Education Network, Indian Retail Confederation and North India section of Textile Institute in India (NIST). In 2016, 45 students participated in the NABA Summer Workshop, and eight students participated in the London College of Fashion Summer Course Workshop. It is one of Delhi’s Top 10 Fashion Designing Colleges

4. London School of Trends

The London School of Trends is an ideal starting point for any types of fashion and design student who wants to need a leading edge in the Industry. Thanks to the likes of our international faculty and Mr Manish Malhotra and Mrs Twinkle Khanna, students have easy access to internships and placements. In the premises of Delhi / NCR, Mumbai and Chandigarh, students get a spectacular London experience in these cities, and this glamorous and innovative Industry gets a unique insight. It is one of Delhi’s top 10 fashion design schools

5. International Institute of Fashion Technology

International Institute Of Fashion Technology in 1990 by the country’s leading
Fashion technologist Ratandeep Lal, who himself has a vast experience in the field of fashion in India and Europe and America. Middle East Nepal and Mauritius, U.K. And the consultation work in France is remarkable. From IIFT, various international programs are organized from time to time, Bollywood, beauty pageant, fashion show etc.

IIFT has hosted numerous international events related to Bollywood, beauty competition, fashion show etc. from time to time. Its associate concern is of the International Textile and Fashion Council, in which more than 30,000 members and councils lookout for the student to look outside the interest. Foreign projects It is one of Delhi’s Top 10 Fashion Designing Colleges

6. Asian Academy of Film and Television

Asian Academy of Film and Television is committed to excellence in film and television education and training so that their alumni through their work. It has in-house community radio, movie club, research centre, news agency, production studio and film company.

Notable alumni Arjun Kapoor, Mohit Marwah, Aradhna Jaganota, Kunal Raval, LTOP alumnus Arjun Kapoor, Mohit Marwah, Aradhana Jagota, Kunal Raval, Love Ranjan, Ajay Kumaruw Ranjan, Ajay Kumar. It was awarded “The Best Media School” by The Edutainment Award in 2015. It is one of Delhi’s top 10 fashion designing colleges.

7. LISAA School of Design

The French-based LISAA School of Design opened its first campus a year ago in New Delhi. The Institute offers international risks and global opportunities to its students in design, architecture, graphics and fashion. That is an established school in France, with its three branches in Paris. The school offers a three-year diploma program in the interior, environment and product design, fashion and textile design, illustration, web design and audiovisual. It is one of Delhi’s Top 10 Fashion Designing Colleges.

8. WLC College

WLC College amongst the most significant professional training institutes in India. In 16 years, it has made a name for providing competitive training and knowledge to students. So far, it has delivered many successful professionals to the Industry. In WLC, each course in partnership with the Industry, and it is updated twice a year.

The curriculum content for the business program is in collaboration with senior officials of organizations such as Lenovo, Deloitte, L & T, Citibank, ACC, Siemens. It is one of Delhi’s Top 10 Fashion Designing Colleges.

9. Footwear Design and Development Institute

Popular as FDDI, this is a major institute for footwear designing in India, with a definite purpose for providing professional knowledge and training in India. It has also established an international footwear museum on the campus which is open to education and information for the general public.

The Institute organizes various programs in the field of Retail Management, Footwear Design, Technology Management, Fashion Merchandising, Leather Goods, Accessory Designing etc. It is one of Delhi’s Top 10 Fashion Designing Colleges.

10. IMS Design and Innovation Company

IMS-Design and Innovation Academy was founded in 1996 by a group of academicians to provide the skills and value-based design education to Aspirants. The curriculum by the National Design Institute (NID) Ahmedabad, Ahmedabad, and it has by qualified and experienced teachers are having experience in the Industry. Students get training on live industry projects, which help them in building their technical skills.

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